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POLL: The Not-Quite-Ex Ex...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 12:58 AM

A reader writes: Q: Me and my girlfriend have been seeing each other for the past 5 months. Six months ago she broke up with her then-fiance after he accused her of cheating on him.

I had been friends with both of them. He absolutely hates me and thinks I stole her away from him. But he has made a strong effort to stay friends with my girlfriend.

They are also co-workers. My girlfriend mentions him in conversation often, including what he's recently said about me. I've had numerous dreams where he's in them and we reconcile, and I'm almost obsessing over him at this point, thinking if he's happy it must mean impending doom for my relationship.

It also bothers me that she just bought him a birthday present.

If I bring up my concerns about him to my girlfriend she tells me she won't be in another relationship where she's constantly being distrusted. What can I do to put my mind at ease?
POLL: There's one thing to do when your girlfriend has a not-quite-ex Ex...
2% (11) Give the g/f a choice: Him or me
44% (194) Have a long talk with the g/f about boundaries
8% (36) Have a long talk with the ex about boundaries
34% (151) Get out of this relationship. Now.
9% (43) Wait. Maybe it will get better.
435 people have voted in this poll. (This poll is not active.)

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