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POLL: Moral Obligation... to be a busybody

Friday, May 21, 2010 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q: I'm friends with a prominent, successful man in my community. We are both middle-aged men. We've never discussed our private lives or our marriages, but I'm wondering if I should bring it up. Over the past six months he's been escorting a woman he works with — a much younger woman — to lunch, to meetings, to all sorts of social functions, many of them business-related. Gossip is raging that they are having an affair. This could be totally innocent for all I know, but it seems mighty suspicious. He has never behaved this way before. He has a wonderful wife and family and I would hate to see him ruin that with reckless behavior. Do you think I should warn him about what he’s doing? Maybe bring him to his senses? Or would I just ruin our friendship?

POLL: Does this man have a moral obligation to warn his acquaintance about his reckless behavior?
46% (710) I'm a man, and I say, "Yes!"
39% (606) I'm a man, and I say, "No!"
7% (121) I'm a woman, and I say, "Yes!"
5% (88) I'm a woman, and I say, "No!"
1525 people have voted in this poll. (This poll is not active.)

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