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POLL: He just doesn't click with real women

Friday, November 05, 2010 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q: I’m a man in my 30s who has been divorced for several years and have had my share of unsatisfying short-term relationships. While checking out Internet dating sites a few months back, I stumbled across some adult webcam sites. I ended up visiting them somewhat regularly. I enjoyed the whole “no strings attached” element but didn’t like the amount of time or money I was spending on it, so I gave it up. Ever since, I have lost interest in communicating with “real” women. Is there anything I can do to get my game back?
POLL: What should he do?
1% (14) Go back to the cam girls
38% (523) Keep dating, he's just getting used to it
38% (530) Stop dating all together and take a break
9% (131) One word: Escorts
12% (171) Duh. Date a cam girl.
1369 people have voted in this poll. (This poll is not active.)

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