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POLL RESULTS: College drop-out needs dating advice: (0 comments)

POLL: College drop-out needs dating advice

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q: When I left two years of university for summer holidays, I thought I was going back, and spent 3 months working hard, keeping my head down, assuming I'd be able to go back and hook up with my friends I have at Uni. Turns out I'm not the genius I thought. Another 3 months later and I'm still living in my parents house. I'm 20 and unemployed, but people say I'm a witty guy. I'm not fat, or rude. I just live in a village and like to drink socially, which makes going anywhere to be sociable hard - especially when friends are drinking around me and I have to drive, so I don't. How can I get back in the game and meet people who can see past my material situation, if only for a fling? Other background info - my first and last girlfriend (same person) was at Uni. She vanished back to Germany after 1 and a bit years of a relationship that had been going cold since the summer holidays. (he said, with hindsight) So whilst I'm not shy about talking to girls, I have still no real idea of how to talk TO them (if you get my meaning)
POLL: What should he do?
31% (165) So he dropped-out... big deal. Women want one thing: A man with confidence who will treat them right. The rest is gravy.
34% (179) It's not too late to make it back to university, is it?
33% (173) Aren't there women in that village? Ask one out!
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