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POLL: A Change in Plans

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q.: I'm 18 and in college. I've dated a few girls while in high school, but "accidentally" hooked up with a girl whom I had feelings for a long time. I say accidentally because I always assumed she only wanted to be friends, and just felt like confessing my feelings before leaving for college. The few months we dated before college were great, but then I went to college and she was planning on joining the Navy.

I decided to break things off, since we wouldn't see each other, but she's now decided to attend the same university as me and go in to teaching instead. While I approve of this decision, and am glad that this means we can be together next year, I also feel that she changed her life plans to be with me and that seems to put extra pressure on the relationship. We're taking a break right now, since we're so far away from each other, and I've had much more satisfying sex while in college.

In summation, am I paranoid about her changing her plans putting pressure on us staying together? And, at my age, is it a good idea to "settle" already, even though I've only dated about 5 or 6 women in my life?
POLL: What should he do about this girl?
40% (264) Hey, he didn't ask her to change her school. If the relationship doesn't work out, he's not responsible.
20% (134) She SO changed her school for him, and he's totally stringing her along. He needs to tell her the truth ASAP.
38% (253) Don't be so quick to write her off. If the sex isn't good, it can always improve.
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