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POLL: "...She said she wants me out of her life."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q.: I met a girl at my friend's wedding. She was his cousin. We hit it off incredibly well for a couple months but then she and I both started going through (very similar) health problems at the same time. It messed with both of us - physically and mentally - and I managed to upset her and she managed to upset me quite a few times.

Over spring break, I went on a road trip with the intent of getting away from all the situations making my health problems worse. I wound up passing by her town. While I was there (she knew my route was taking me through there in advance) I texted her and said that I knew we'd been fighting lately but if she wanted to see me, I'd be happy to visit for a minute before I headed out.

She made the whole thing into this messed-up, creepy, manipulative drama, and she stopped talking to me afterward. That was about two weeks ago. A week ago, I texted her to ask if she would just talk to me to let me know what was even going on because I really didn't get what had happened.

She basically said she wants me out of her life.

Me, I'm still going through health problems and they're making it harder to move on than it probably would be otherwise but even without those I still care deeply about this girl. I've written a handwritten letter explaining to her my health problems - which I had kept from her because she was going through her own - and that my being there hadn't had anything to do with her and that I hope she'll let me back into her life one day and maybe we can be friends again but that, if not, I wish her health, happiness and joy every day of her life.

If I send it, this will be the last time I try to contact her. If I don't, I walk away without ever setting the record straight. Do I disappear from her life like she wants or send the letter and get what I have to say out before I walk away?

POLL: What should he do with his letter?
52% (457) Send it. It's only a stamp.
47% (415) She said she wants you out of her life. Take a hint. She doesn't want a relationship with you.
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