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POLL: Not too Hot to Trot

Friday, September 16, 2011 - 12:00 AM

A reader writes... Q. My wife had back surgery but it hasn't limited her activity level. For example, she can still ride her horse 2-3 times weekly. However, if I try to touch her she pulls into a turtle position. The "don't touch me" is pretty obvious. When I asked her if there was a problem, the response was that she'd never be able to have sex after the surgery. And here I sit scratching my head with how many more years of bliss ahead of me?

POLL: What should he do?
9% (169) If he's gonna stay married, learn to live without sex.
34% (622) Find a good divorce lawyer.
39% (711) Your wife needs more romance. You need to woo her again.
7% (127) Find a filly on the side
8% (153) Can he gallop?
1782 people have voted in this poll. (This poll is not active.)

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