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POLL: Used and abused?

Friday, January 20, 2012 - 08:47 AM

Q.: I recently got out of a long term relationship (8 months ago). I started dating and found a girl I had/have strong feelings for. We hit it off rather fast, but when I invited her out to meet my friends/coworkers, she paused and told me she really doesn't want a full-on relationship. She then said I was just really good in bed and fun to hang out with. She just wanted to keep doing that, but without the whole meet-my-friends-and-parents part. She also recently got out of a long-term relationship only 2 months ago. I'm going along with this hoping its only going to take time for her to warm up to the idea.

POLL: Is he being used for sex?
37% (530) Yes! And he'd better appreciate it. He's got all of the benefits of a girlfriend and none of the baggage..
12% (178) Yes. And he'd be better off moving on to a more fulfilling relationship.
49% (695) Not necessarily. She might just need time. This guy is smart to stay in the zone for a while.
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