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POLL: Ink-stained wretch

Friday, February 17, 2012 - 12:00 AM

I am really starting to feel left-out sexually of my relationship... first let me say that I am an attractive woman and in great shape. My husband knows that I love to have sex in the morning and that almost never happens with us. Instead of us having sex, my husband will run to the bathroom with the morning newspaper that may have an attractive young model, celebrity, etc. in it and continue to get the job done with her instead of me. He knows that I know he does this, but continues to leave me out of his desires. This is making me lose all respect for him and damaging our marriage. Any suggestions?
POLL: What should she do?
3% (59) Wait a while. Pretty soon there aren't going to be newspapers.
77% (1248) Talk to him, and tell him how his excuse for going solo is paper-thin.
7% (118) Get this man a subscription to Playboy for crying out loud!
11% (177) Fins a new guy. Preferably an illiterate.
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