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POLL: Booth Babe Blues

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Q: I have the great fortune of having a geeky girl for a girlfriend. We met at Comic Con, play WoW together, cosplay together, etc. We've been together for several years, and have only had a few arguments in all that time.

One of those arguments was about my female friends. I never have been -- and never would be -- disloyal, but my girlfriend gets very worried that one day I'll run off with one of them, no matter how many times I tell or show her that she's the only one for me. She is also very sensitive about anything she perceives as "keeping secrets" from her because of experiences with previous guys.

So here's the kicker. She has a friend who's a "booth babe" at some of the conventions we go to. This girl is actually surprisingly cool and used to invite the two of us over to her place to watch movies and play video games and stuff. But in recent months she's been avoiding us. Then last week, she told me that the reason is because she is attracted to ME, and is afraid of screwing things up between my girlfriend and I.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend is still inquiring from time to time about why her booth babe friend no longer wants to hang out any more.

So, what should I do? If I tell my girlfriend, she'll probably go into meltdown. If I don't tell her and she finds out that I didn't tell her, it'll be a NUCLEAR meltdown. And there's always the possibility that if I tell my girlfriend, she might not even believe me. (I don't think I would believe me. Booth babe's boyfriends usually are much better looking and make about 3x as much as I do, so to be honest, I'm a bit shocked that I could be causing all this soap-opera level drama.)

What should I do?

POLL: What should he do?
6% (84) Dump the insecure girlfriend and date the hot booth babe.
24% (317) The booth babe is infatuated. The girlfriend is in love. Don't mess up a good relationship for a fling. And good golly, DON'T tell the girlfriend about this!
53% (702) Talk to the girlfriend. She'll understand. And make sure you're not alone with the booth babe.
15% (206) Threesome!
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