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POLL: Mutual Distrust

Friday, June 01, 2012 - 09:11 AM

Q.: I know that my husband has female friends from work and other places, and usually helps them with computer complications. However, he recently began to talk with Jen and began deleting his texts with her, all their email conversations, and hid anything he had to do with her. I got suspicious enough to look on his computer and found he'd signed up with a dating sight and confronted him. His excuse was that he wanted friends to talk with, and that was his only reason for signing up on this site, and that he only flirted with these women (apparently, there's been more than one).

He also doesn't feel I have the right to be angry, because when we first started our marriage, I confess to having flirtations with other men. He knew of them and forgave me for them, or so I thought, because after I confronted him about this woman, he's claimed I sent naked pictures of myself to other men and had sexual conversations with other men. I know for a fact that I have not, and that I've been purely devoted to him. He's talked about us doing marriage counseling, but with his claims that he has nothing to talk with me about anymore, that he has no intimate feelings toward me or any other women, I wonder if this marriage is worth saving.

I love him, but can I trust that he and I can make this work? Or should we end our marriage?

POLL: Should she end the marriage over this?
8% (153) Yes! You can't trust him
19% (347) Yes! Neither one of you trust each other
65% (1168) Maybe... you need to have a serious discussion
5% (102) No. What you're feeling is perfectly normal.
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