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Feb 2013
Re: POLL: A little something extra... (Score: 0)
posted Friday, February 15, 2013 - 09:22 PM (#62774)

My perspective may be a little different, being asexual, but I honestly don't see what playing with a body part has to do with sexuality, even playing in a sexual fashion. I'd probably do the same - I'm curious about 'male parts', and I happen to think boobs are awesome, being in possession of my own set. I don't think either invalidates my 'asexual' identity, they're just body parts. The main thing is that I have no interest in having sex with anyone - that's what makes me asexual. If you have no interest in having sex with men, well, that's an answer to that, I would think.

Women with male parts are still women - when you were initially attracted to her, you probably assumed female parts, the lack thereof doesn't invalidate the initial 'attraction to female' you felt. If you start finding yourself attracted to men based on outward appearances, maybe then it's time to question what you're looking for, but even then, I don't think sexuality is ever 100% anything.

If you're only attracted to women, but also interested in sex that involves the 'male part', you might be some combination like homoromantic heterosexual, or homoromantic bisexual. The 'romantic' designation refers to the gender you prefer relationships with, and the sexual is the gender you'd prefer in the bedroom, so to speak. It's most common for the romantic and sexual desires to be compatible, but not unheard of for them to go different ways. Or it may be purely physical, in which case, you might want to try toys that approximate the male part. Difficult to say without knowing more.

In the end, only you can decide what you feel, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise - you only need to see the massive number of votes for 'are you happy?' to see that. Do what makes you happy, call yourself whatever you like, judge for yourself whether you fit the label, or even want to be labelled. But if you need the validation, then sure, I'd consider you a lesbian.

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