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posted Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 11:57 AM (#62776)

There are two problems.
The first is expecting yourself to fit a label and the second is not having a complete understanding of the label.
Here are my proposed definitions and these are controversial.
If you are a woman and you love women you're a lesbian.
If you're a woman and you hate men, you're a misandrist, i.e. practicing misandry, not a lesbian.
If you love both men and women you are bisexual.
if you love men, women, and people with mixed gender characteristics, you are a pansexual.
If you're a woman and you love men you are heterosexual.
I admit I've omitted other variations.
And before anyone yells too loudly, parallel labels exist for males.
We're not all, "One man, one woman," "One man, one man," or "One woman, one woman," or any other strict label so do not depend on labels. (Yeah, I know I just provided more labels.) Get on with your life.

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