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Re: What is he thinking?! (Score: 0)
posted Friday, February 22, 2013 - 11:50 AM (#62793)

Sounds like a case of the heart wants what the heart wants. As HoneyBea says, that is symptomatic of asexuality (althought it's also symptomatic of testosterone insensitivity and a T shot might be in order)

If you love him, you love him. the question you need to be asking is not about him, but about yourself. Do YOU feel you can stay in a relationship in the long term with someone whose values you're not able to comprehend? Some people can make it work like cats and dogs living together in harmony... for others, it's more like christians and muslims during the crusades... sooner or later someone is going to get pillaged and burned.

Having a conversation with him might help ease your mind, but at least from your brief desciption, his thought proccesses are informed by things you can't even comprehend. So some self-analasys is in order.

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