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Re: Act Your Age! (Score: 0)
posted Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 11:01 AM (#62945)

I disagree with the comment that your parents are wanting you to move out because I don't think you're old enough. Based on your comment I suspect you haven't developed your own interest in sex, but are old enough to know about it, which would put you at between 11 and 14. Based on that assumption I agree with the comment about getting your parents to add sound proofing to the walls, and add sound absorbing doors for both bedrooms. Oh, and have them check the ceiling insulation and air ducts as well. That may tire your dad out for a few days too.
More importantly learn that your family isn't all about you. You're a part of your family, but your parents, and their needs, are just as important as yours.
Finally, I hope you use this to recognize your own sexuality when that time comes. (It's not time yet!) Some people spend years recovering from the idea (planted by their parents) that we are not sexual beings. You obviously won't have that problem, but you could deny your own sexuality, again when it develops in a few years, as part of your identity definition stage (some times referred to as teenage rebellion).
Good luck.

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