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POLL: Two girlfriends

Friday, June 07, 2013 - 09:01 AM

A reader writes...

My ex girlfriend who I love very much recently came back to the states wishing to get back together, however I already had a new girlfriend. So she offered my current girlfriend a "sharing" relationship, and she agreed. So my question is this, should I be OK with having two girlfriends?
POLL: Should he be OK with this?
23% (480) Google "humblebrag." We'll wait here.
4% (84) Two sets of holiday presents? Two birthdays to remember? Two PMS schedules? Dude... are you nuts?!
44% (906) Seriously. You know this ends badly, right? Sooner or later, you're going to prefer one over the other, and then the sparks will fly.
8% (185) Man up and make a choice.
19% (403) Threesome!
2058 people have voted in this poll. (This poll is not active.)

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