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Why the hell should I?

Well, for one thing, it makes you very cool. It also gives you access to special features on the Courting Disaster site:

  • Send your favorite strips to your friends
  • Participate in the Courting Disaster Forums
  • Have the strip emailed to you
  • Other stuff we haven't made up yet

What the hell happens once I register?

We set a cookie on your browser that gives you access to all the really cool features. It's very safe, very encrypted, and we can't tell if you've been looking at porn or anything.

Why the hell do you need this info?

We need your date of birth 'cause this stuff is bad for little kids. If you're under 13, go away. We hate you.

We need your sex so we can figure out whether or not we should ask you out. This is optional information.

We need your username so when you're participating in the forums, or sending a strip to a friend, we can tell people who the post or email is from.

We need your email for a number of reasons. First, this allows us to communicate with you if there's a problem with your account (if you've lost your password, for example). It also assures us that some skript kiddie won't sign up for 3 billion bogus accounts, since you need a valid email to get an account. It also lets people write back to you if you send them a strip. After you register, we'll send you an email with a secret URL that will allow you to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

And finally, we need a password so other people can't sign on as you.

What's the deal with the "receiving mail from Courting Disaster" thing?

In the future, we might send out a monthly newsletter, or alerts for new features on the site, or something like that. If you want this sort of a thing, check the box (that'll let us know that there's some interest in that sort of a thing, and we can sign you up when we start them). If you don't want mail from us, don't check the box. You can always sign up for the mailings later.

And no, we won't give or sell your email address to anyone else, or display it on the site, or anything like that. It's strictly for internal use.

So who the hell owns the copyright on my forum posts?

You do, although we reserve the right to take down posts that are technically disruptive to the system or that are patently offensive (although it takes a lot to offend us). If you're looking for free speech, go start your own website. All other bits of the site are copyright Courting Disaster.

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