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  • User Bio: Hey, names Dave. Been reading this series for ages but i've only just thought of Joining. I've had a few rough past experiances with love and ladies so i'm hoping my misfortune can be someone elses fortune?
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MrD3071 has posted 7 comments.
1 Re: "If you take a pass, I'm going to make one..."
attached to "If you take a pass, I'm going to make one..."
2008-12-06 07:40:47 1 0
2 Re: Until Debt Does Us Part
attached to Until Debt Does Us Part
2008-11-15 19:10:22 1 0
3 Re: Pushing the envelope
attached to Pushing the envelope
2008-11-01 09:44:21 1 0
4 Re: Hide 'n' Go Sneak
attached to Hide 'n' Go Sneak
2008-10-26 08:13:42 1 0
5 Re: Are you karma-ing?
attached to Are you karma-ing?
2008-10-19 17:45:26 1 0
6 Re: 'Till Death...
attached to 'Till Death...
2008-10-19 17:32:25 1 0
7 Re: While you were out...
attached to While you were out...
2008-10-04 10:02:36 1 0


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